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MISSIONThe purpose of Avonne's
Existence & Basic Philosophy

is a Company that becomes the light and salt of the world


Our Vision

With the technology that helps people,
To ensure People's safety,
and a beautiful, interesting culture will be created.

Traits we value

  • ValuesValue of Avonne

  • AttidudeThe Attitude of Avonne

  • DeterminationDetermination of Avonne

ValuesValue of Avonne

Faith that a little light can change the world

  • 1We will do our best even for small projects.
  • 2We will become a Small Giant that helps society.
  • 3We will always be sincere so as not to miss any small opportunity given to us.
  • 4We will never lose the little light of individuals.
  • 5We will make every person we meet happy with our efforts.
  • 6We will become a company that delivers bright energy.
  • 7With the little light, we will keep the night path safe for citizens.
  • 8We will develop world-changing, beneficial technologies constantly.
  • 9With little lights together, the world will be brighter.
    All members of Avonne as little lights will gather power “together” to create good values that will be beneficial to the world.

AttitudeThe Attitude of Avonne

  • 1Do your best even in small work.
  • 2Be responsible
  • 3Be humble.
  • 4The right way is always the fastest (in other words, honesty is the best policy).
  • 5Spread positive energy.
  • 6Stick to the facts only in case of negative feedback.
  • 7Avoid being a fault finder.
  • 8Keep your eyes wide open and take care of your neighbors.
  • 9Be an attentive listener.
  • 10Accept that we are all different.
  • 11Do not judge others quickly.
  • 12Value the details like life.
  • 13Communication with colleagues is important.
  • 14Do not try to be a nice person at the expense of negotiation.
  • 15Do not give up your good nature to become competent.
  • 16Do not be afraid of challenge and failure.
  • 17도Savor a sense of accomplishment every day.

DeterminationDetermination of Avonne

  • 1We will make decisions in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical code.
  • 2We will comply with the fair trade law.
  • 3We will compete with our competitors fairly and will neither limit their business activities using our dominant position nor take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • 4We will comply with the anti-bribery and graft act (so-called Kim Young-ran Act).
  • 5The diversity of individuals will be respected, and indiscriminate employment opportunities and working environment will be provided regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, age, physical disabilities, military service status, marital status, and social position
  • 6We will not engage in unfair business for personal profit (gift and entertainment for clients, concurrent position and business, investment-related wrongdoings, etc.)
  • 7Members of Avonne will neither receive nor offer gifts or entertainment from/to clients if such gifts or entertainments are used to create an atmosphere that hinders sound judgment or imposes the burden of obligation.
  • 8Business entertainment may be allowed after obtaining approval. Note, however, that it should be provided according to the legally accepted manner and within the reasonable amount.
  • 9We will neither take nor offer any entertainment at a decadent entertainment establishment.
  • 10We will not take concurrent jobs other than the business of Avonne for personal profit. If taking another position in an external company or a part-time job is inevitable, such should be permitted by the Company in advance.
  • 11The deliverables and byproducts produced from the business process shall be an asset of Avonne.
  • 12The private information containing intellectual property value and company assets shall be protected. Members of Avonne shall take care not to expose company information without approval, aware that company information is a valuable asset of the company.
  • 13Confidential information shall not be disclosed in public places.
  • 14The company's confidential information shall not be disclosed among the partners and customers as well as members of Avonne.
  • 15We will make all efforts to handle the goods provided by the company without wasting or losing them.
  • 16The company's asset shall be used only for the company's business activity, not for private purposes, and shall not be offered to a third party without the company's approval. Acts of transferring or leasing the company asset without the company’s permission constitute a violation of the law.
  • 17The company’s asset shall be used properly, recorded transparently, and reported honestly.
  • 18When the expense is paid, members of Avonne shall verify whether the budget is assigned, whether the expenditure is directly related to the project plan, and whether reliable documents are prepared.
  • 19Honest and transparent as well as strict standards shall be followed when creating the financial statements.
  • 20We will neither use a fraudulent accounting method to make our business performance better nor evade taxes by selecting a method that violates the accounting standards or omits some accounting figures deliberately.
  • 21The documents and figures submitted to the company by a member of Avonne shall be prepared accurately and reported honestly
  • 22Every contract is not just a written form of document. Members of Avonne shall recognize all details and prepare the content and figures correctly.
  • 23When spending the public fund of the company, use it for the intended purpose only.
  • 24The remuneration offered by the company including meals or vehicle support shall not be transferred to others without the permission of the company.
  • 25The corporate credit card shall not be used by family members or third party without authorization.