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01Youth Friendly Small Business Certification
02Registration for transfer of industrial safety-related patents
03Final Selection of Smart Factory Construction Projects
04Register for outdoor advertising
10Participating in the Dubai GITEX Exhibition
11Accreditation of Women-Friendly Companies
12Winning the Prime Minister's Award for the Promotion of Venture Business
Daejeon Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation Win of 'Pyochangjang'
Baejae University Award of Audit and Inspection
02Daejon University Award of Audit and Inspection
03Awarded by Daejeon Business Agency
04Certification of Main Biz of Small and Medium Business for Management Innovation
06Movilight trademark registration, ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification
07Innovative Small and Medium Business Inno Biz
09Award for Best Solution to Create LH Smart City Specialized Park
11CERTIFICATION OF CLEAN OPERATIONS (Operated by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency)
03Participated in Traffic Safety Project in Busan
06Direct production registration
SBS NEWS Yongin City Hall 'Shadow Street Lamp'
11Registered for Public Procurement Service
12Selected as a family-friendly company, Daejeon Economic and Trade Promotion Agency Award
01Awarded for Excellent thesis for development technology.
02Selected by monthly people magazine
as Korea's main role in 2016.
03ISO9001 Quality Certificate
06Participated in Vietnam Expo
08Listed at the Daejeon Economic and Trade Agency start-ups
09Participated in Regional Hope Fair
10Won the Smart City Competition.
11One patent registration for intellectual property rights and two applications
11Establishment of the Corporate Research Institute
01Won 'audit' from the Daejeon University
04Channel A 'History of Impressive Camera'
TV Broadcasting (Mother’s Graduation Ceremony)
06Selected for the Mid-term Office for Technology Development Project
09Participated in the 3.09 CTFair 2015
Cultural Industry Exhibition
10Interviewed by KBS N Youth Dream Support Project
'Youth." (6th, 9th)/ TJB's 'Life Today'
12Participated in the Ho Chi Minh Expo in Vietnam
12EKNETWORKS.CO., LTD Vietnam Overseas Supply MOU
01E-Daily TV Broadcasting
02Selected for the Daejeon Economic and Trade Agency's
PR support project and entry of the February issue
of the current issue
04Certification of Venture Company
05Sponsored by STI Sharing and Technology
Creative Design Competition
06TalkCEO TV Broadcasting
08Completion of the 815 history equivalence project.
09Selected by LINC support project.
10Participated in the Chungcheong Venture Exhibition
and the LINC Exhibition
11Signed the MOU of Hannam University
GTEP Business Group
12Selected by Daejeon LINC All-Set Support Project.
03Selected by Daejeon Business Agency for prototype production support project.
04Participated in Pennsylvania International Lighting Fair (2013 LFI)
05Participated in Busan Youth Startup Competition.
09Participated in WTA High TechPair.
10Participated in China's Guangzhou International Association for Export and Import,
Patent Enrollment and International Application to PCT
11Registration of intellectual property rights
(two patents, two other trademarks, etc.)
12Won 'Gold Prize' at the Seoul International Exhibition of Inventions
03Establishment of corporation Avonne/ Avonne
Business registration (305-86-16866)
04Awarded ‘Creative’ by start-up 500 project in Daejeon.
05Interviewed by Daily Economic.
07Registration for Telecommunications Sales
11Awarded by Annual Innovation Awards hosted by the Ministry of Education.
08Won the start-up 500 Project of Daejeon City
12Won the Grand Prize at Daejeon University for Patent and Trademark application